Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the end of an era... or the beginning of a new one

So, for weeks I have been dreading this night--the eve of my last mtjw class. It really is a dreadful thought, and really does create a lot of anxiety for me- not only because it is my last class but because I had to write my final post for the quarter, and I really wanted to make it count, I mean who doesn't? And after a lot of thought, a few e-mails back and forth with my parents I think I just might have it!!! (if I can concentrate long enough to get it out)

It is quite the process for me to sit down and write this out-- first I have to get all situated, like get a snack (that awesome wasabi mix from parkers duh-thanks hannie), a glass of water and tonight I had to find the perfect movie to go along side my open window. What movie do you ask, after looking for quite some I decided to go back to my childhood and watch Rookie of the Year... terrible but, oh- so good. All little pieces wonderful distractions...

Anyway, back on track to what I have been constantly pondering for weeks--the final post. I thought and thought and came to the conclusion to think back to the beginning-- to the question that we as SCAD students have been asked from the beginning of our school careers-Why art? And for four years I have never been able to answer that very question, and I think I have the answer...

It all began in kindergarden, or at least I think it did... and man was I looking good while exploring my new interest in art, or so I thought in my gingerbread dress and missing teeth. I distinctly remember my first real exposure to art all the time when my family moved to Akron and the kitchen in our new house was stuck in the 70s... SO BAD, so orange...so ugly. I suppose my parents were so repulsed by it, they decided to use all the beautiful pieces of artwork that my sisters and I created- so we had our own special kitchen gallery!!! And from what I can remember-- it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful, I mean as beautiful as three young girls artwork can be in a burnt orange dated kitchen in Akron, Ohio. So, it was the kitchen gallery that I have concluded was my biggest inspiration, whether I knew it or not, to want to create and be an artist. But it wasn't just the kitchen that inspired me to create... there is one picture that constantly sticks out in my mind. and I must say it is definitely one of my best works. It is the only thing that I can still see in my mind today when I think back so long ago-- a portrait of my Dad. A beautiful portrait, if I do say so myself... and it definitely shows where my love for complimentary colors come from (or at least my love for blue and orange).

He really is a handsome man, if you couldn't tell from my painting. I really do think it was the beginning of my lifelong career, or so I hope. It is amazing how far I have come, to think that 17 years ago I painted a simple portrait of my father and today I am constructing jewelry that I never imagined I could ever make. And now all that schooling is coming to an end and I don't really know what to do with myself. Is it the end of an era? Or just the beginning of a new one? I certainly hope it is the beginning of a new one, that is just as great if not better than the last. I just hope I will be able to have as much fun while I am walking down the diamond paved road towards an EXTREME adventure. For now, I am just going to continue to eat my delish wasabi mix and keep watching the end of Rookie of the Year, and just keep pretending this era really isn't ending, but just taking a little break.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

time to pretend

So as the quarter comes to an end, all I want to do is pretend that I am not really finishing college...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes

Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes: "Kate Spade Bali Bound Sweepstakes"

maybe i should go to Bali instead of the Sandwich Islands... would you want to come with me?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Schools Kill Creativity?!

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on TED.com

I certainly hope schools don't kill creativity--SCAD changed its name to the University of Creative Careers... and if they are killing it, then what will my career be!? this is a great TEDtalk--you will get a laugh

Monday, May 17, 2010

5 year plan coming to life

At the beginning of the quarter we were given the assignment to map out the next five years--where we want to be, what we want to accomplish, where we will be-- pretty much anything you could imagine. So like many, I was clueless (and I still am--don't tell!) So my goals were few and far between because I felt like I didn't want to put some amazing desire onto paper and then five years from now, not accomplish it--I mean really, what a downer.

So, I took the assignment to heart, and did my best to set forth realistic goals that I could and will hopefully accomplish. Just a few of the obvious: get a job, move out of my parents house, no debt, go to the Sandwich Islands, be in a creative workplace, own 2 houses (what was I thinking!?), move out of Ohio (just for a little bit), and of course become a FABULOUS SOCIALITE- but just for a little! I mean the usual, right--who doesn't want to go to the Sandwich Islands or be a fabulous socialite?! But shortly after turning in the assignment, I was brought back to real life with the comments from Nell, my professor... She really brought me back to life--like how am I going to pay for all of this, you know--asking me the realistic questions, it is her duty-I guess. So with thought, I brought myself back to reality and figured I would get to some of the plan-like get a job and move out of my parents house. But I had no clue when I would get to these, I just hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

After a few weeks of not thinking about the dreaded five year plan, I started to go back to thinking about it, and how I could realistically attack my plan! So, I started looking for a job and thinking how I could make this plan work, but then the end of the quarter began to hang over my head and I almost instantly stopped thinking about the plan and distracted myself with "school work." Until this weekend... When I attended the SCAD Fashion show for the first time in my four years here at SCAD, and it was FABULOUS!

It was after the fashion show, that my five year plan came back to me-- when I was spotted-- with my fellow metals girl Katie Glenn and her roommate Ally and my friend Dalton Rose. My dream of becoming a FABULOUS SOCIALITE has begun!!! I just knew it would happen--one day, and whether or not this is the only time I will be considered (by myself at least) a fabulous socialite... I will take it, because it means I accomplished something in my five year plan. And if I don't really complete anything else in my five year plan--for now I am so satisfied with my new fame with Katie--together we are on the diamond paved road to success!

Here we are--spotted! by the not so paparazzi in Savannah in front of the fashion show-- little do you know we are going to be the next big thing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bling is OBSCENE

my passion is mockery--something about it is joyous, and this is where I get my inspiration for my work. So, naturally when I began to work on my Senior project I was instantly drawn to the need for BLING, and how obscene it can be...

a very special thanks to jim lind for all my amazing photos

diamonds on yo GRILLLLL

so--I felt it was necessary to bridge where my Senior collection really came from... It all began last year when I was studying abroad in Lacoste, France. I had the amazing opportunity to travel all around southern France, as well as take a trip to Paris and Barcelona. It was without a doubt the best time of my life, thus far. It was the beginning of what I am really passionate about (although I didn't know it at the time...) While, I was there I was able to take a break from my metals classes, and take a look into a different field--painting. Boy, was it terrifying, I was the only non-major and the only undergrad, talk about intimidation. Here I am sitting like an idiot, in a class full of painting grad students. All I kept thinking to myself was 'I don't know how to paint. (especially not at grad level) I am going to look like a fool!' But then I thought I could use this to my advantage, and somehow influence what I love, JEWELRY! I immediately thought of making paper models and thus it began an entire new collection of work--my 'diamonds on your grill' It was perfect! I always had this bizarre fascination with teeth and mouths and with bling and this was the perfect way to connect the two, and to my luck it turned out to be more than just 'diamonds on your grill' it began a complete series of work that I will hopefully continue to explore!